Tapping Tools

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Under Pressure Mechanical Tapping Tool

A. Under Pressure Pipeline
B. Ductile Iron Saddle
C. Under Pressure Vertical Ferrule
D. Tapping Tools

Tools (Full Sets)

  1. Tapping (Body)
  2. 20mm Drill Bit
    a) [SS316] For UPVC/AC/HDPE
    b) [COLBAT STEEL] For M.S/D/I Pipe
  3. Drill Machine Adapter
  4. Spanar
  5. Extractor Ratchet
  6. Reducer

Suitable for M.S, D.I, AC, UPVC, APS & HDPE pipe

  1. Mounting The Saddle
    Fasten the saddle with bolts and nuts. Fit the ‘N’ ferrule onto the saddle
  2. Install The Tapping Tools
    Install the tapping tool and connect to the reducer
  3. Open The ‘N’ Ferrule
    Make sure the cock built in the ‘N’ ferrule is correctly open, after setting the drill
  4. Drilling
    Turn the drill handle until the drillsaw reaches the pipe surface. Start using Ratchet for a drill, in clock wise direction. After drilling, reverse the handle to raise the drill. (for M.S pipe and D.I pipe use electric drill to drilling)
  5. Completion
    After raising the drill close the ‘N’ Ferrule.

1″ N one way Ferrule Cock

   CODE              MODEL              PRODUCT     Inside     Diameter      INCH  (THREAD)      PRICE (RM)
 TWM96  TAPPUntitled Tapping Tools with Reducer, Spanar , Drill Bit , Ratchet, Drill Adapter , Socket Nut.           –           –     5500.00           SET
  TWDB  ims Drill Bit cutter UPVC /AC / HDPE / AB3P     16mm         20mm       1/2″            3/4″      390.00         390.00
TWDI 16 TWDI 20  ims Drill Bit – M.S / D.I     16mm         20mm       1/2″             3/4″      360.00          360.00
TWDA       ims Drill Adapter           –           –       30.00
VFERU N25       ims One Way Ferrule Cock     20mm           1″       60.00
TWSA96       imsims TW Swivel Ferrule Tapping Accessories